The Brooklyn Brainery Rocks!

Dear Brooklyn Brainery:

One of the first goals I made for myself two years ago when I ventured out into the wild as an independent researcher/consultant for hire was to teach a class at the Brooklyn Brainery.

On Monday night that dream came true!

Thank you for having me and letting me teach my very first class on, none other than my most favorite topic, Money Laundering!   You are one of the best things about the NYC area and I hope you are around forever and ever!  (Note to public: go there and take lots of classes!)

Thank you Brainery!

I hope to see you again very soon.


Anne at Analysts Compass

I’ve memorialized the description of my class below for all  the world to see:

Money Laundering 101

Want to know more about how dirty cash gets laundered? Follow the money from the streets and through the financial system, bouncing from account to account, until the cycle completes and the money comes out clean.

In this workshop, you’ll get an inside look at the dirty world of money laundering and learn more about what’s being done to stop the wash cycle. If you’ve ever wondered who the laundry men are, where the money is going or why–then this is the class for you.


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