The Art of Research


It is really easy to get lost in the abyss of breaking news stories, top ten lists, twitter feeds and the plethora of other information out there on the internet…

Coupled with the voluminous quantity of emails that taunt you from the confines of your inbox- you are asked to say “No” quite a bit.

Do you have a plan for those times when you actually do need to find something? 

Where do you go first?  How do you know who or what site to trust?  What factors are you relying upon to make a decision to trust a site or an individual?

Enter Research, the art of acquiring valuable information. 

Use of an artist’s tools can help you collect facts and solve important problems.  A framework can help you decide where to go first. An evaluation checklist can help you identify a trusted advisor and a source sheet will provide clarity on the why.

I love research so much that I do it on my down time.

Here’s a recent example:

I do yoga regularly and found myself wanting to take my practice to the next step.  I decided that two logical next steps might be to teach or to read more about the foundations of yoga.

I knew only research could solve this dilemma and make my problem go away.

Here’s what I did:

  1. Set a 30 minute time limit
  2. Prepared two tasks
  • Identify five studios in my area that I can visit to learn more.
  • Find at least two authoritative websites on the topic.
  1. Asked three questions:
  • What is the most commonly accepted certification?
  • What is the approximate time commitment and cost?
  • What is the background of teachers at my favorite studios?

As a result of this strategy, I came away with answers and I saved my Saturday by sticking to the allotted 30 minutes.

I truly love my work as an artist.

I challenge you to let this art form help you solve a problem.

To learn more about practical applications for life or work, please contact me.

Thank you for you reading!

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