Worthy Reads for Analysts

the finishThe Finish by Mark Bowden

This book provides an excellent case study analysis of how information and intelligence played a critical role in the killing of Bin Laden.  Whether or not it’s common knowledge, Bowden points out the real shift toward an intelligence driven approach in the war on terror occurred shortly after the discovery of the Sinjar Records during a raid in Iraq.  These documents played a critical role in decapitating al Qaeda in Iraq and solidified the importance of intelligence in future disruption and dismantling of terror and crime networks.  “The larger truth,” Bowden writes, “is that finding bin Laden was a triumph of bureaucratic intelligence gathering and analysis, an effort that began under President Clinton and improved markedly after 9/11 under President Bush.”

Read Dina Temple-Raston’s review for the Washington Post

Review by the Wall Street Journal

cases in intel analysisCases in Intelligence Analysis: Structured Analytic Techniques By Sarah Miller Beebe and Randolph H. Pherson

Beebe and Pherson take readers through twelve case studies designed to give analysts a chance to apply structured analytic techniques to real life problems.  The case provided are diverse and complex and include events in law enforcement, homeland security, terrorism, counterintelligence, foreign intelligence and decision making support.  The authors provide step by step instruction and emphasize the point that, despite best efforts, case closure is not always the result of the truth being told.  This is a must read for analysts and investigators.

Read the CIA review

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