Excerpts on Leadership

The following is a terrific excerpt on leadership tips from the Improving Police blog post.  (The first one is my favorite.)

Preparatory tips on being or becoming the kind of leader that is needed in our nation today — a value-driven leader:

  • Keep fit!  This means at home as well as at work.  Work on your emotional health; see yourself as a whole – body, mind, soul and spirit. All four. Unhealthy leaders infect those around them; unhealthy top leaders and can cause the entire organization to be sick.
  • Cast a bold vision!  Work incessantly to have your bold, breathtaking vision shared by others.  Without a vision — leaders, ideas, momentum and organizational spirit flounder and perish. Some of the oldest wisdom literature in the world says essentially that: “Without vision the people perish.”[5] 
  • Know who you are!  Know yourself – and continually work on your self-knowledge and self-improvement.  Help others to grow and develop. Mentor them, help them to also be self-actualized.
  • Work in teams!  Most organizations are too hierarchical and oppressive for human habitation. Your job is to make work habitable.  Push decision making down the chain whenever you can and work in teams whenever possible.  Work can and should be fun and fulfilling.  Build effective, growing, and sustainable relationships with others.
  • Lift ‘em up!  Workplaces should be places of celebration, renewal, energy, and enlightenment!  Encourage and coach.
  • Stick around!  Stay the course.  Short-term leadership is no leadership at all.  Organizational growth takes time.  Be prepared to spend eight to ten years if you wish to leave your organization  strong, healthy, and effective.  Excellence takes time – more than you may think.
  • Just love ‘em!  Some of the best advice I ever got was this.  It has to do with all leadership jobs – the advice was “All you gotta do is love ‘em, the rest will work itself out.”  When I came to love the men and women with whom I was privileged to work with and lead, the problems did work themselves out.  When leaders honestly and sincerely care for the people they lead, the good they hope and pray for happens whether it is leading a platoon, police department or parish.
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