Analytic Capacity Building

Law enforcement intelligence analysts and private sector CIKR analysts working in an intelligence and investigative capacity face considerable challenges performing analysis.  The analysts must frequently perform analysis and interpret the world with little to know information and a high degree of ambiguity, and respond to multiple requests for information, manage large caseloads and work under tight deadlines.

Despite the considerable effort taken by public and private stakeholders to develop software and systems designed to assist analysts with case management, research, data analysis and reporting, more should be done to enhance the individual analytical capacities of LE and CIKR analysts at the state and local levels.  Individual analytic capacity refers to the knowledge, skills, abilities, leadership and management acuity and emotional intelligence of analysts.  Analytic capacity can be built up through training, education and various kinds of skills development workshops.

Analysts Compass, together with partner organizations, offers several analytical capacity building workshops and training courses.  For more information on educational opportunities please email analystscompass at Gmail dot com.

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