Leadership vs. Management

As analysts, it’s easy to get caught up in the weeds of management and lose sight of the larger forest.  To remain competitive in the marketplace and to keep up with adversaries- practice aligning yourself with daily tactical tasks  and then the strategic mission. Channel an inner manager and an inner leader.

Leadership is not management. The two terms are not synonymous with one another. Leadership does not involve planning, budgeting, organizing or staffing.  Where management is tactical, leadership is strategic.   Leadership, according to John Kotter, is about coping with change.  In an era of technological innovation and globalization, it will be important for organizations to continue to cultivate leadership in order to keep pace with rapidly changing environments.  Good leadership involves:

  • Developing a vision of the future
  • Helping to set a direction
  • Aligning people
  • Motivating and inspiring people

Great leaders capable of futurist thinking and inspiring and motivating individuals, are often thought to possess an extraordinary level of emotional intelligence; a unique combination of self-management skills and a keen ability to manage relationships with others.  Abraham Lincoln, arguably one of the greatest leaders of the United States, had the ability, (according to Doris Kerns Goodwin in an interview with Harvard Business Review), to acknowledge errors, learn from mistakes and let go of past grievances- all characteristics of the emotional intelligence trait.


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