Lessons in Leadership

During times of struggle and adversity, uncommon leaders emerge, garner followers and drive change.  In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy it’s particularly important to recognize the value of leadership and the role leaders have played in steering individuals and businesses toward prosperity after they have been forced to redefine themselves after destruction or other life altering events.

In an effort to remain reflective of what is truly important to our communities and to the larger society, I encourage my readers to take some time to observe leaders, honor those tasked with difficult decisions and try to serve them as best you can.   Let us all work to develop our leadership skills, train our minds to become stronger, and to be the best versions of ourselves that we can be.  There are few things in life we can control and change; our mindset is one of them.

Drawing from literature on leadership lessons, here are several takeaways from this article by the Harvard Business Review about the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS).  Please share your thoughts!

  • Leadership can be learned, practice.
  • Lead from everywhere; encourage at all levels from the mailroom to the boardroom.   
  • Behave well.  The only way to succeed in the wilderness is with expedition behavior; this means getting up early, without complaint, to cook breakfast in subzero temperatures.  
  • Keep calm and be tolerant of adversity and uncertainty.     
  • Disconnect from technology to reconnect with others. 

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