Be a better analyst

Experienced CrossFit athletes that competed in the 2012 CrossFit games didn’t achieve superstar success overnight; nor did they master complex movements or speed drills in a matter of weeks.  While analysts might not be graded on their ability to do hand stand push-ups or swing a 65 kg kettle bell, mental challenges that reflect capability  in the work place are inevitable.  A skill like mental toughness, a refined combination of determination and commitment, is critical for analysts to have, particularly in challenging and stressful situations.

Mental toughness, according to this CrossFitter, is the ability to continue according to plan even though negative thoughts and emotions are pulling you in another direction.  In CrossFit this means pushing through a workout despite its difficulty; for analysts this can be likened to completing a report under an extremely short deadline with multiple sources in a stressful environment or uncovering an extremely complex and unfamiliar web of interconnected networks.  Regardless of what the obstacle is, mental toughness is the skill that kicks in and helps you push past negative thoughts in order to finish a task, meet a deadline or complete a mission.

To truly master the art of mental toughness, it’s important to practice and exercise your “mental toughness muscles”.  Aspiring CrossFitters do this by completing the Workout of the Day (WOD); analysts can do this by consistently seeking out tasks with a high degree of difficulty or by completing an analysts version of a WOD.


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