Somalia on My Mind

The UN Monitoring Group on Somalia and Eritrea has released their highly anticipated report.  The Group’s mandate is set to expire at the end of July and there is a lot of criticism surrounding their investigatory findings contained with the new report.  Past reports have provided a treasure trove of information and negative news from the field, including details on the financing of the terrorist group Al Shabaab and other criminal and militant groups operating in the country and contained allegations that private security firms have violated the arms embargo.

While the activities in Somalia may appear on the surface to have only offshore ramifications, subject matter experts may disagree.  In 2008, after the Ethiopian invasion (acting as a U.S. proxy) Al Shabaab rose to power by drawing on the Somali’s sense of nationalism and received a considerable amount of financial support from the diaspora abroad.  There is no doubt that networks and channels that finance fighters on the ground exist, are in place and can adapt to meet the new demands.  Money will flow from surrounding nations in the horn and in the Gulf; who will be watching?

Here is an early copy of the report

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