Training: Why I am an advocate of continued education

In the past, I found that the slightest mention of the words training/education/learning to a group of colleagues or friends was met with (choose one) an eye roll; a blank stare; a cringe.  If I was really lucky I might have gotten a smile.  These days, however, I’ve been fortunate enough to both teach and attend training courses in which participants, filled with their zest for knowledge, asked questions, shared experiences and took notes! I’m sure you would all agree, regardless of your work environment or industry, it’s great to be at a training surrounded by a group of peers that are highly motivated, excited and attentive.

That said, “Training” and/or education are critical to the development of every intelligence analyst in BOTH the public and private sectors.   According to the Law Enforcement Analytic Standards, developed by the International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts and the Global Justice Information Sharing Initiative, “those performing the analytical function shall annually receive AT LEAST eight hours of continuing analytic education”.

I think the minimum of eight hours of training applies to ALL intelligence analysts regardless of whether you work for a government, a contractor that supports government or in the private sector.  Training gives us the chance to network, collaborate, and share innovative ideas, tools and techniques.  In my next several posts I’ll discuss the most recent trainings and events I’ve attended.

If you have attended a great training recently please share!

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